• Adventures

    Neelu challenges herself on each continent
  • Neelu's dream

    To be the first
    legally blind woman
    to summit the highest peak
    on each continent -
    known as the Seven Summits

About Neelu

Campaign 2016

Get involved in the campaign to help disabled people lead fuller lives.

Neelu's story

With the right support you can be limitless!

Neelu's goal

It's not just people with disabilities who need support to take on big goals


Psychological support that allows people to believe in themselves is just as important as physical support

Recent Adventures

Neelu Memon at the Paracycling World Champs, Bordeaux.

Paracycling World Champs

Competing in the World Champs in Bordeaux with the support of Annaliisa Farrel


The highest mountain in Africa

Neelu Memon completes the Coast to Coast 2012.

Coast to Coast Race

Multi-sport race across the South Island of New Zealand: Tasman Sea to Pacific Ocean

Neelu Memon climbing


The highest mountain in the Americas

Upcoming Adventures

Neelu Memon climbing


The highest mountain in the Americas

May 7


I feel weak, and very unmotivated to climb any mountain. There has been a lot of stress as we were still $4000 short to make this possible. Gavin and I have not been able to continue the goal through this stressful period and we have decided to part ways on the 7 summits climbs.

Oct 24

New Sponsors!

I received an email from Peter Nally at Wright Satellite Connections (http://www.satconnections.co.nz/) here in Wellington to say that they have some on board to sponsor us the use of a satellite phone for the Aconcagua trip!

Sep 30

Training for Aconcagua

Training for a mountain climb is a perpetual process that requires a lot of effort but can still remain very fun!